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Single Serve Coffee


Single serve coffee sachets help minimize spoilage

If you are someone who likes the convenience of having your coffee in exactly the right amount, or someone who is on the go a lot, you might benefit from buying your coffee in single serve sachets.

Single serve coffee sachets help keep coffee at its freshest until you want to drink it and minimize spoilage. Since soluble coffee exposed to air only keeps a few months at most, single serve sachets ensure that you will always have the freshest coffee possible.

Single serve packaging is also perfect for on the go activities like picnics, camping and hiking. Take some with you on your next trip!

NESCAFÉ offers single serve coffee sachets that allow you to have more purchasing options and a higher degree of convenience. You can pack up your favorite blends for an impromptu picnic, or make a cup at home without having to measure out the ingredients.   

Because we are concerned about responsible consumption of resources, we are continually trying to come up with ways to improve our packaging design. Recently, we introduced a new type of sachet in the shape of a stick that cut the amount of packaging material by 27%. Read more about our responsible consumption initiatives.


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