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Robusta coffee beans - strong body, low acidity

Robusta is one of the most well known coffee beans

As the name suggests, Robusta beans are more robust than the other main type of coffee bean, Arabica, and can be grown at low or high altitudes.


Robusta is characterised by a strong note, strong body and very little acidity. It is mainly grown in Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia.


Robusta coffee beans give more caffeine than Arabica

Generally, Robusta coffee beans deliver twice the amount of caffeine compared to Arabica coffee beans. That makes them perfect for high caffeine blends.  They are also used in many  soluble coffee products.
Robusta beans tend to be smaller than Arabica beans and are darker in colour

Robusta coffee beans produce a nice crema (a thin layer of foam) and thus are a great addition to many espresso blends.


NESCAFÉ Original and Original 3in1 are made with Robusta

Many of our NESCAFÉ products use Robusta beans as part of their coffee blend including NESCAFÉ ORIGINAL 3 in 1 and NESCAFÉ ORIGINAL.


We´re committed to sourcing all our coffee beans responsibly, so that you can be assured that every cup of NESCAFÉ coffee is a quality product produced with respect to society and the environment.


Find out more about NESCAFÉ´s responsible farming initiatives. 


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