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Everyone plays a part in preserving the environment. For example, how you go about the simple act of boiling water for a cup coffee can make a big difference. Learn about the special kettle we have developed that helps you save on energy and water.



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The NESCAFÉ Plan for responsible consumption To help reduce energy consumption while preparing NESCAFÉ coffee, Nestlé is launching new initiatives.

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The ECO Kettle:
Bringing responsible
production home

We are working with ECO Kettle on more innovation in this area so watch this space: there are home solutions such as the ECO Kettle which allow you to do your part.

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We are also improving our packaging to make your choices easier. For example, by reducing the weight of our jars and increasing the use of recycled glass. We have also found ways of giving our single-serve portions a more eco friendly packaging. Find out more in the following articles.



NESCAFÉ jars get
a responsible packaging

Eco friendly packaging? No problem! Our packaging designers find ways to improve our NESCAFÉ jars, making them lighter and better.NESCAFÉ jars get a responsible packaging makeover.

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Responsible packaging
comes in small sizes too

Single serve portions are not only convenient and efficient, they are now a responsible packaging alternative thanks to the hard work of NESTLÉ engineers.

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