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Latte macchiato and caffè macchiato

Let’s say you’re sitting in a coffee house and you order a macchiato.  The barista jots down your order and comes back with one of two drinks – either a caffè macchiato or a latte macchiato. Did you get the one you wanted?

A caffè macchiato (café macchiato) is an espresso “stained” with a bit of milk or milk foam on top while a latte macchiato is a glass of hot milk “stained” with a shot (or two) of espresso.  These are two very different drinks, so make sure when you order a macchiato, you are getting the version you wanted!

Barista making a macchiato

Want to make a macchiato at home?  Here are some tips!

Caffè macchiato

Prepare espresso as you normally would. Add a spoonful of hot milk for a macchiato caldo or a spoonful of cold milk for a macchiato freddo. Enjoy!

Latte macchiato

Froth a glass of hot milk and add a shot (or two) of espresso. Or alternatively, froth only the top half of the hot milk and then gently pour the espresso in so that it settles on top of the liquid milk and you have a layered latte macchiato.

You don’t have to go to a café to enjoy the milky froth of a Latte Macchiato. For a quick, satisfying latte macchiato in the comfort of your own home, try NESCAFÉ Latte Macchiato Original or Sweetened. They are perfect for those afternoons when you feel like a little extra indulgence – though they come in low-fat alternatives too. You’ll love how creamy and foamy your Latte Macchiato is!

We also offer NESCAFÉ Caramel Macchiato in some countries. It’s the frothy taste you love with the delicious addition of caramel. You’ll love it!



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