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Green Coffee Beans


One of the curious things about coffee is that just as it changes its form as it travels from the plant to your cup, it also changes its name along the way.

It starts off as a “cherry” (also known as “berry”) on the tree. And ends up as roasted “coffee”, “espresso”, “cappuccino”, etc.

In between the harvesting and the roasting, it is known as “green coffee beans”.

Coffee berries are usually harvested when they are ripe and have a reddish colour. The seeds inside the berries are called beans and have to be separated from the flesh, dried and sorted.

Once they are dry, the beans acquire a green tinge which gives them their name.

At this stage, they have none of the typical coffee smell or taste. That comes later with the roasting process.

Green coffee beans are among the most traded commodities in the world, up there with crude oil and gold.


Made from a blend of unroasted green coffee beans and roasted coffee beans, NESCAFÉ GREEN BLEND has been specially created by coffee experts to ensure smooth, great tasting coffee, with health benefits.

All coffee is naturally rich in polyphenols, which are valuable nutrients that help keep your body in good health over time. What makes NESCAFÉ GREEN BLEND different are the unroasted green coffee beans which contain high levels of polyphenols.

See more in our Coffee and Well-being section.


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