How we make a difference in farming Working with the Rainforest Alliance, the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN), and the Common Code for the Coffee Community (4C), NESCAFÉ aims to transform coffee-farm management to benefit working and future generations of farmers.     

The Rainforest Alliance –
a collaborator for
sustainable agriculture

Together with the Rainforest Alliance,
NESCAFÉ looks for ways to ensure
sustainable agriculture among coffee
farmers around the globe.

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Worldwide common code
of coffee companies

NESCAFÉ is one of the founding members of 4C, the Common Code for the Coffee Community. 4C encourages members to engage in sustainable agriculture.

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Industry leaders
work together

The Sustainable Agricultural Initiative (SAI)
has been working hard to improve conditions
in a coffee community in Guatemala.


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  Specific measures include doubling the amount of coffee bought directly from farmers and distributing 220 million high-yield, disease resistant coffee plantlets. Get the all details in the following articles.      

Farmers save water
and improve profits

The best way to achieve sustainable farming

development is by nurturing it locally, as we discovered while working with a community of farmers in a coffee-growing region in Ethiopia.

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Farmers improve
practices and increase

As the single biggest coffee buyer in Thailand, NESCAFÉ looked for ways to ensure responsible agriculture in Thailand. 

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Learn about our
progress in farming

The NESCAFÉ Plan for responsible agriculture
Our aim is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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