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Espresso beans

Espresso is a method of brewing coffee not a kind of coffee bean

Do you need a special kind of coffee bean to make espresso? Ask an Italian and they’ll tell you “No!” Espresso is not a bean, or a blend or even a type of roast.

Developed in Italy back in 1884, Espresso is a method of brewing coffee by forcing hot water through finely ground coffee. The result is a more concentrated brew than drip coffee.

You can enjoy it on its own or serve it as a basis for other famous coffee styles such as cappuccino, latte or mocha.

You can use any type of coffee bean to make espresso but usually dark and medium roasts are preferred. This is because dark roasts reduce the acidity that is caused by the espresso method. And this, in turn, is what leads to the technically incorrect labelling of dark roasted coffee beans as espresso beans.

NESCAFÉ Espresso - the easy way to enjoy an espresso

NESCAFÉ Espresso gives you a short but deeply satisfying cup with a velvety golden-brown crema layer – the easy way to enjoy an espresso.


It’s perfect after dinner if you want intense flavor without too much volume. NESCAFÉ Espresso is made from a select blend of the finest quality Arabica beans, fully roasted to achieve the dark intensity of a classic espresso.


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