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Coffee is one of the world's favorite drinks

From North to South and East to West, wherever you go in the world you’ll find that coffee is one of the people’s favorite drinks. But how can you explain this universal popularity? It’s not enough to say that the drink is made of water flavored with the seeds of a small tree. Or that it has a pleasant stimulating effect. It’s not easy to define coffee.

Don’t forget that the origins of coffee are shrouded in legend, that it has had spiritual associations, that in some places only men were allowed to drink it and at times it was banned altogether.

It’s also worth mentioning how important coffee is for the world economy: growing the plant, preparing the beans and distributing coffee around the world keeps approximately 60 million people employed.

But how do you explain the fascination of coffee’s flavors? The difference between Arabica and Robusta? The quest for the perfect balance of acidity, bitterness and sweetness? The impact of up to one thousand different aromatic elements?

And who could describe all the blending and roasting processes? The different ways of making a coffee. The traditions and rituals? The coffee houses? The thousand combinations of coffee with other foods and drinks?

In the end, you have to admit that coffee is a world in itself – too big to describe, maybe, but a pleasure to explore.

NESCAFÉ coffees are available around the world to suit all tastes

Today, NESCAFÉ coffees are available around the world to suit all tastes and occasions. Here are just a few of our products for you to discover. Which one is your favorite?


NESCAFÉ CLASSIC – Our signature coffee and an all-time favorite in households worldwide!


NESCAFÉ 3in1 – The perfect mix of coffee, milk or creamer and sugar in an easy way!


NESCAFÉ GOLD Range – The premium choice for your special, smooth cup of coffee everyday.


NESCAFÉ Espresso – Short, dark and intense.


NESCAFÉ Super Premium Range:

NESCAFÉ ALTA RICA – A special blend of exclusive Latin American Arabicas.

NESCAFÉ CAP COLOMBIE – Made exclusively from Colombian Arabica beans.


NESCAFÉ DECAF – Gives you the great taste and rich aroma you'd expect from NESCAFÉ but without the caffeine


NESCAFÉ Specialties Range – Deliciously frothy and creamy tasting!


NESCAFÉ GREEN BLEND – A unique blend of roasted and green coffee beans that's rich in polyphenols.


NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto – Our multi-beverage system that combines a stylish high-pressure machine with smart coffee capsules to deliver a wide range of high quality beverages. 


Want to see the full range of products available in your country?

Check your local choices. 

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