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Ripe, red coffee cherries on branch

When is a berry a cherry? When it hasn’t been a bean.

We’re not trying to confuse you, but the fruit of the coffee plant undergoes several name changes before it finally becomes coffee.


Coffee cherries, also known as coffee berries, are the fruit of the coffee plant when they are still on the tree or have just been picked but not yet dried. After that, they’re known as green coffee beans. 

Coffee cherries grow in clusters along the stems of the plant. A coffee cherry will reach a size of about 1.5 cm.


It takes about nine months for the fruit from a coffee tree to mature into bright red or purplish coffee cherries.


Once red and ripe they are carefully picked by hand by farmers. For best quality, the unripe cherries are left for a later picking, once they’ve fully ripened.

NESCAFÉ Gold Blend - made with best coffee cherries

Making NESCAFÉ coffee always starts with selecting the best coffee cherries from the coffee plant.

Water is then used to extract the beans from the coffee cherries and subsequently to carry concentrated coffee out of these beans.

In making NESCAFÉ GOLD we use a freeze-drying technique to freeze the coffee liquid then evaporate it to retain only the highest quality pure coffee granules.

Through this process, NESCAFÉ retains the best aroma and flavors in every cup.


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