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Coffee Benefits

The emotional and physical benefits of coffee are numerous. Not only does coffee taste good, it can stimulate you, relax you and refresh you.

Coffee stimulates your senses thanks to its caffeine content which stimulates metabolism and supports mental alertness and concentration. Your body absorbs it within 30 minutes, and its positive effects may last 2-5 hours.

Coffee relaxes you because it hydrates you. Because water is the main ingredient in a cup of coffee, it helps you work towards your daily water needs and is practically free of calories.

Coffee refreshes you with its wealth of polyphenols. Polyphenols are nutrients that help maintain your body in good health over time. They are also found in green tea, fruits and cocoa.

The next time you drink a cup of coffee, just think of all its benefits!


Globally, NESCAFÉ coffee is consumed at a rate of about 4,600 cups every second! At NESCAFÉ, we understand that with such great consumption, comes great responsibility. That’s why we work hard to ensure the highest quality of our coffee products, selecting only the right coffee beans for our blends.  

In some countries, we offer NESCAFÉ BODY PARTNER, a range of products dedicated to healthier lifestyles, including a low fat 3-in-1 instant coffee mix with a choice of Hi-Calcium and Collagen supplements to support healthy bone development.

NESCAFÉ Green Blend is available all over the world. This special blend of roasted and unroasted green coffee beans is full of polyphenols – in fact 2 cups of coffee give you 0.35g of polyphenols.

We also promote responsible coffee consumption as it concerns your own health. See more in our Coffee and Well-being section.


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