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Coffee Bean

Coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee plant

Did you know that a coffee bean is the seed of the coffee plant? A coffee bean can be roasted and ground to make a cup of coffee or it could be planted to grow another coffee plant.

A coffee bean is also the pit of the coffee cherry, the reddish purple fruit of the coffee plant.  To harvest coffee, cherries are usually handpicked. Farmers either select only the ripe fruit from the plant or wait until most of the fruit on the plant is ripe and strip it, sorting out the unripe cherries.

Once sorted, the bean is extracted from its fruit by either soaking it in water for a few days or drying it for a few weeks in the sun. Once extracted, the beans are usually shipped green as they stay fresher in this state.

The main types of coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta.

The NESCAFÉ Plan supports responsible farming and production

At NESCAFÉ, we care about the beans that go into your coffee. We take extra care to only select Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that meet our standards. That’s why, when you buy a jar of NESCAFÉ, you know you are getting high quality coffee every time.
We're also committed to sourcing all our coffee beans responsibly, so that you can be assured that every cup of NESCAFÉ coffee is produced with respect to society and the environment.
Find out more about the NESCAFÉ Plan and our responsible farming initiatives.


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