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Coffee Aroma

Aroma is the most important part of a coffee's taste

There’s something very special about the aroma of coffee. Just one whiff and your mood instantly perks up.

Aroma is probably the most important element of a coffee’s character and certainly the most complex. What makes it so fascinating is that it contains as many as 1000 aromatic compounds that stimulate the coffee drinker's nose.

The aroma of the coffee beans is released by the roasting process. An experienced roaster can create coffees with different aromas from the same batch of green coffee beans by controlling temperature and time.

Each coffee has a so-called aroma profile. Some of the terms used to describe coffee aroma are: fruity, caramel, roasted, cereal, rubber, fermented, earthy, floral, nutty, and cooked.

Robusta and Arabica beans have distinctive aromas

Robusta and Arabica are the two main varieties of coffee beans in the world. They can be quite easily distinguished by their respective aromas.

On the whole, Robusta has a fuller odor and an earthy scent. It is more intense and makes for a very aromatic cup of coffee.

Where Robusta is intense, Arabica is pure subtlety. It has a more refined aroma. Arabica also carries a sweeter, fruity scent that is at once delicate and acidic, making for a very pleasant and balanced aroma.

NESCAFÉ Original and NESCAFÉ Gold Blend give great aroma

NESCAFÉ has created hundreds of different coffees to suit the tastes and needs of coffee drinkers all around the world.

Each has its own individual aroma, but two of its most representative brands are NESCAFÉ CLASSIC and NESCAFÉ GOLD.


NESCAFÉ CLASSIC has a heady and strong aroma that complements its rich and full flavor. On the other hand, NESCAFÉ GOLD provides a remarkable fusion of Robusta and Arabica, giving you a mild and pleasant, fruity whiff.

In the NESCAFÉ range, the beautiful aroma of freshly ground coffee is captured during the grinding process, and added back to the coffee just before it is filled into jars. When you pop open a jar of NESCAFÉ, take a moment to savor its scent.

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