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Coffee Acidity

Acidity is an important part of the overall coffee taste

Acidity might not sound very nice but in the world of coffee, it's one of the key qualities of coffee flavor along with body and aroma. It’s a positive quality and should not be confused with sourness or bitterness.

Acidity is a sharp and pleasing taste, which you notice as a 'tingling' sensation on each side of the tongue. You could also call it sharpness, vibrancy, liveliness or brightness.

How much acidity should your coffee have? It’s a question of personal taste, but most people agree that without enough acidity coffee would be flat.

The acidity of a coffee depends on many factors, including the place of origin, the type of plant, the way it is roasted and the brewing method used.

NESCAFÉ products present carefully balanced acidity

Looking for the right note of acidity in your coffee? You'll find a good range of flavors among the NESCAFÉ coffees using Arabica beans. All of these are carefully selected, blended and roasted to provide a bright and great tasting cup of coffee:

NESCAFÉ GOLD is a distinctive blend of Arabica and Robusta beans

NESCAFÉ CAP COLOMBIE is made exclusively from Colombian Arabica beans, chosen for their aromatic tones and light roasted undertones that retain their aroma while delivering a smooth flavor.

NESCAFÉ ALTA RICA is a special blend of exclusive Latin American Arabica beans chosen for their full and dark roasted bold flavors.

NESCAFÉ Espresso is made from a blend of Arabica beans, fully roasted for a dark and intense flavor to bring you the authentic Italian espresso experience with fine crema.


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