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Cappuccino has become popular around the world

On those days you want a bit of sweetness to go with a strong espresso taste, reach for a cappuccino, the Italian specialty coffee drink that has conquered the world. It’s like a dessert that wakes you up!

Cappuccinos are made with a third of espresso, a third of hot milk and a third of frothy milk foam. Sometimes a cappuccino is topped with chocolate shavings, cinnamon, or sugar adding to its dessert-like character.  Variations include cappuccino chiaro (white cappuccino, made with more milk) and cappuccino scuro (dark cappuccino, made with less milk)

While cappuccinos are usually served hot, there is a cold variety known as cappuccino freddo or iced cappuccino that is often served with a tiny dollop of cold frothed milk.

Two important components of cappuccino are espresso machines (first patented in Italy in 1901 by Luigi Bezzera) and a barista skilled in foaming milk correctly.

Convenient, frothy NESCAFÉ Café Menu Cappuccino

NESCAFÉ offers soluble coffee versions of cappuccino that are convenient, frothy and come in low-fat alternatives too.  They are perfect for those times when you want an indulgent treat – coffee shop creaminess in your kitchen.

Or would you rather make your cappuccino from scratch? Then try this fabulous recipe!

Take 1/3 cup NESCAFÉ Espresso.
Add 1/3 cup of steamed milk.
Top it with 1/3 cup frothed milk.
Sprinkle with one teaspoon raw sugar.



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