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Brew Coffee

There are several ways to brew coffee

Thirsting for a delicious cup of coffee? There are several ways to brew coffee. One way is to make drip coffee, either by putting coffee grounds into a coffee maker or running hot water over the grounds placed on top of a paper or metal filter.

With coarser coffee grounds, you can use a French Press. In this method, you mix water in with the grounds, stir and after a few minutes of brew time, use the plunger to trap grounds at the bottom.

If you enjoy stronger, espresso coffee you can also use an espresso stove top pot to brew your coffee. This is a bit more complicated to get right, but once you have mastered the art, you can enjoy a rich cup of satisfying espresso whenever the mood arises.

Or perhaps you want to try to make Turkish coffee.  For that, you’ll need a special pot called an ibrik.  Use very finely ground coffee and mix with water, sugar and cardamom.

For NESCAFÉ soluble coffee, all you need is hot water and a cup

By far the easiest and most convenient method to make coffee is to skip manual brewing altogether and go straight for your jar of NESCAFÉ coffee. Since NESCAFÉ is soluble coffee, all you need is hot water, a cup and a spoon.  Spoon some NESCAFÉ into your cup, pour in hot water and stir. Voila! The perfect, convenient cup of coffee!

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